Multi-chaining has never been easier.
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Simultaneous Multi‑Chain Trading

Experience a level of degeneracy unbeknownst to the common trader with the Onyx 4-panel New Pairs layout. Adjust each panel to a separate chain (with a wide selection such as Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, Optimism, etc) and enjoy trading New Pairs directly from the dApp, simultaneously and concurrently.

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Multi-Faceted Revenue Splits

With a multi-chain approach to trading, users also are opted into a multi-chain revenue split. By offering multiple chains and sources for users to trade on, the revenue split pool is expanded tremendously which the users get a split of rather than singular-source revenue splits often seen within the industry.

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Instantaneous News-Based Leverage Trading

Not only does Onyx offer New Pairs simultaneous trading, we also give users the ability to connect their CEX account and trade news directly from the dApp. The Onyx platform pulls news from a variety of sources and gives users the ability to instantly long or short the tokens that are presented within the news sources, all while simultaneously trading New Pairs on decentralized chains.

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Innovative Points System

The Onyx points system offers unique value. Users are able to increase the portion of their revenue split through activities such as social media interactions, trades made, Telegram presence, $ONYX held and sporadic competitions.



New Pairs Hunting: Onyx allows users to simultaneously scour live new pairs across several chains simultaneously within the same window ensuring that no promising token escapes your sight. Instantaneously purchase and sell new pairs directly from the token's deployment for maximum efficiency.

Revenue Splits

Constricting revenue generation and splitting to one chain is outdated. Onyx allows users to enjoy a first-of-its-kind revenue split from several chains- this means that even if you trade only Ethereum coins, you still get the revenue from trades made on Solana, Arbitrum, Optimism, Metis, etc.

News Trading

Onyx users do not only enjoy the luxury of simultaneous chain trading, but also the luxury of instantaneous leverage trading. Customize the Twitter accounts you'd like your dApp to pull in, connect your favorite CEX account via API, and enjoy leverage trading CEX with unparalleled simplicity directly within the dApp!

Revenue & Points


Onyx users enjoy revenue generated from every trade made on every chain (and CEX!) rather than the chains they transact on themselves. This creates a truly unique revenue split and value proposition for the Onyx platform of which Onyx users enjoy as well.


Onyx offers a platform points system which has been built from the ground-up to offer a special and unique proposition. Users will be able to increase their portion of revenue splits each period not only by the amount of ONYX they hold, but also by their activity and participation in the ONYX community and platform via a variety of ways: social media presence, Telegram presence, trades made, etc. This incentives system allows users with lesser amounts of ONYX to have more options for an increased revenue split without needing the funding to increase their holdings.

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